Car Shows



thunderbolts may 14 car show
thunder in the shade
Ray McNaughts 64 Cobra
Bing Crabtrees 40 Ford
Craig Fraser 56 Nomad
Dick Bertolucci, Sherm Doll, Bill Johnson
Lunch at the buckhorn Bar and Mountain Creek Cafe!
Sierra City Ca. is a great little town with excellent Black Berry Cobbler!
Overlooking Mono Lake the Bolts take a break from their 450 Mile trip in September. We call it the "Bachelor Run"
Another great day!
Saturday morning, coffee in hand, ready for one of the greatest days of the year.
Andy Nantz drove his 37 Ford
Bob Eldridge with his "Blown Ply" made the trip. with Mike riding shotgun
Dave Broiles" Mustang with Kinje riding shotgun overlook Mono Lake
James Guthmiller and Tommy Kale cruised in this beautiful Chevelle all weekend leading the pack.
Dub and Butch went topless in the Sunchero
Gary Williams and his buddy Wayne cruised in Garys Stellar Plymouth. Aint it sweet.